Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania
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i am here to complain about home delivery of the baltimore sun paper..i haven't for the past four weeks received all my sale ads most important my shoprite ad..if this keeps up i will be cancelling my paper delivery...also did not receive the jc penny ad, best buys, joanns ,walgreens, weis markets, and sears. i'm sure these companies would like to no this information...this means i and others would not be shopping their store because we would not no what they are offering on sale this week. i told shoprite that i was not receiving their ad and they were not pleased that they lost my business for 4 weeks now...

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don't pay the bill! ask to speak to a manager that speaks english!! :upset


does anyone know how to get the balto. sun paper to "stop" delivering papers.

my 95 yr. old mother-in-law has called them a number of times and they ignore her request.

she lives in a 5 bedroom house and can't get out to pick up the papers, in addition to she doesn't like the paper. the papers laying in the yard tell robbers she's home alone.

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